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  • The Island  Staff image

    The Island

    Asu, one of surfing's last frontiers. is part of the remote and beautiful Hinako Islands of North Sumatra. The Islands are approximately 120 miles off the west coast of Sumatra, 7 miles from from...


  • The Waves  Staff image

    The Waves

    May to November is the most consistent and largest surf of the year. But Asu has waves year round. Asu is offshore with South, South East and South West winds. The wave is a world class left and works...


  • The Resort  Staff image

    The Resort

    We provide a full service retreat that is available for a maximum of 6 guests, year round. Everything you need is included: Transportation to and from Polonia International Airport Medan, accommodation,...


  • The Fishing  Staff image

    The Fishing

    With no commercial fishing fleets within hundreds of miles, there are no fish shortages around Asu. We catch several species of tuna, wahoo, spanish mackerel, trevally, barracuda, sailfish, and the...



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